When Healthy Food Sucks

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When Healthy Food Sucks


Imagine this…
You’ve finally ditched the Standard American Diet, you switched to eating whole foods and healthy fruits and veggies. Woohoo, things are great, you’ve lost weight, your skin has cleared up, and your energy is through the roof. You’ve told everyone you know about healthy living, you’ve printed out recipe cards of your favorite dressing, life is good.


Then it happens….
A few years of living this way passed by in a whirlwind of excitement, experimentation and lots of new clothes, and then you realize your salad is well, how do I say this… boring. Boring I say!


Your favorite dressing doesn’t do the trick anymore, you’ve thrown the recipe cards away, and you find yourself eating processed foods more and more. Next thing you know it you’re spiraling downhill and French fries are the only thing to hold on to. Help!!!!
Right, I hear you. What do you do when healthy food sucks?


Watch this video and discover the 3 steps you can do today to break the curse!



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