Fennel Apple Juice with Greens and Fresh Lemon

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Fennel Apple Juice with Greens and Fresh Lemon 


Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.
~ Danish Proverb


Today’s juice recipe is super simple. Of course, you need to own a juicer for it, but other than that, the ingredients are easy and accessible, and won’t break the bank either.


Utilizing kale and cabbage as the veggie base of this juice adds such amazing nutritional benefit, and both are easy to find and easy (and cheap) to grow just about anywhere. Cabbage is one of my most favorite vegetables and keeps all through the winter given proper storage.

Sweet fennel and apples team up to offer balance against healthy cancer fighting vegetables like cabbage and kale, and are rounded out with the zing and pop of fresh lemon.


I’ve posted green juice recipes on my blog before, but I think this one is my new favorite.  Now that is a seriously big claim, but if you get a chance to try it, I’ve a feeling it could become yours too!


The Less:
Less chewing and digesting means less work on the system. Less store-bought, packaged juice means less sugar and cooked compounds. Less refined sugar beverages means more low-calorie energy, and less cooking means hopefully more ways to expend it.

The More:
More easily assimilated raw juices means more dynamic raw nutrition. More sweetness and balance means more satisfaction to ward off cravings. More creative ways to juice with more easily-found ingredients, means more likelihood you’ll do it over (and over) again.



  • (2) small fennel bulbs, or (1) medium, with stalks removed(if the only fennel available is extra-large start with half and adjust to taste)
  • (2) medium organic apples
  • (1) organic lemon, whole
  • (8) leaves kale
  • (1/4) medium-sized green cabbage

Clean and process all ingredients into juicer friendly pieces. Make sure to leave the skin on the lemon as this adds to the taste of the final product significantly.


Juice all ingredients and strain if desired (my preferred way to enjoy it), and serve immediately for best nutritional value and taste!


So whether you are a runner, a walker, a cyclist, or just about any other fantastic version of yourself, this juice is almost guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks.


The greatest wealth is health.


Sometimes the body just needs a rest. Just like a good nap on the couch on a lazy Saturday, this juice could provide just the break you need to feel (just a little) more rested and whole. Doesn’t that sound spectacular (I’m thinking of the nap really!)?

Shira McDermott is the founder of In Pursuit of More, a blog about living with (just a little) less.  She subscribes to the philosophy that eating lots is never as good as eating well.  You can find this philosophy in her simple, inexpensive, and nourishing recipes.

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