Alcohol Free Raw Juice Cocktail

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Alcohol Free Raw Juice Cocktail

We are focusing on detox this week and are juicing everything up! To keep things interesting, I opted to serve dinner with this “Alcohol Free – Raw Juice Cocktail.”


This seemed like a great idea because:
• A – We like cocktails with dinner
• B – We are in detox mode = High nutrition and zero booze
• C – I’ve gotta burn through these veggies, because I’m headed out of town
Because we both had juice with breakfast and lunch, we wanted to make this a little more fun. So in addition to juicing, I served this over ice, added ground cinnamon and nutmeg and topped it off with natural ginger ale to give it a fizzy affect and garnished with fresh cucumber (you could also use a natural fizzy drink like club soda or ginger kombucha!). It was the perfect accent to our meal and great way to end the day.
• Next time you’re in the mood for a cocktail, but not the booze — try this!
• Next time you’re looking for a way to “spice up” your juice routine — try this!
• Next time you’re looking for a way to super charge your beverage with vitamins and minerals — try this!
Just exactly what do I mean by “super charge” your beverage? Try this on for size, this recipe is high or very high in manganese, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. How else can you do that for under 70 calories and still fill that “dinner cocktail” void?
Umm…I dunno, I saw this one as a win-win for sure!


Alcohol Free Raw Juice Cocktail

• 1/4 fresh beet
• 4 large carrots
• 1/2  green apple
• dash of cinnamon
• dash of nutmeg
• 12 oz natural ginger ale, club soda, or ginger kombucha
• 2 cucumber wheels
Directions: Add fruits and veggies to the juicer. Add spices to raw juice. Fill 2 pint glasses with ice. Divide the raw juice between the two glasses, top with ginger ale or kombucha, garnish with cucumber wheel and serve!

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