Chew Your Juice

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Chew Your Juice


I recently had the pleasure of presenting a nutritional workshop in conjunction with my Gonstead technique module for CE credits here in Washington State. The nutritional topics included antioxidants, Vitamin E fractions of tocotrienols (the greatest and latest understanding of the mostly misunderstood cousins of alpha tocopherol), omega 3 fatty acid physiology and of course my personal favorite…nitric oxide physiology and nutrition.


After introducing and then discussing the heart healthy benefits of nitric oxide, along with dozens of other known benefits of this humble molecule, now considered the most studied and possibly most importance health discovery in recent years, we turned to the subject of the alternative pathway of nitric oxide production in the body. As a pilot I appreciate, and in fact owe my life to, redundant systems. Every aircraft has a backup system, sometimes more than two. The amazing human body has a multitude of such systems, many of which we are just beginning to understand and appreciate.



The incredibly functional backup system, or pathway, for nitric oxide production in the body is through the oral route of nutrient ingestion. We need this vital little molecule, simply comprised of an atom of nitrogen and one of oxygen, not only for cardiovascular function…but also for a host of widely varied messenger and mediating functions in the body…including the nervous system.
When we eat nitrogen containing foods (beets and dark leafy greens being good examples of nitric oxide foods), most of the nitrogen is “fixed” or made available for human physiology in the form of nitrates. These nitrates are the result of plant life extracting atmospheric nitrogen and “recycling”, if you will, this element for use in the cells and molecular structures of our body. And here is an interesting point – we humans do not do a good job at all of assimilating nitrogen in the form of nitrates. We need some help.


To the rescue is a beautiful example of symbiosis. Bacteria that are normal residents of our alimentary canal, especially the crevices and fissures of our tongue, give us a valuable trade. They metabolize this nitrogen (in the form of nitrate) into nitrite…a form of nitrogen that we can more easily insert into the cascade of nitric oxide production.




This pathway has been defamed and even decimated in our decades-long war on germs…to the point that, in my opinion, this “germ warfare” will likely be eventually considered one of the primary causal mechanisms of the epidemic of heart disease and cardiovascular related illnesses that have plagued our country and planet. When you consider that our normal bacteria outnumber our human cells by a factor of roughly ten to one, it might be wise to be a little nicer to our microscopic friends!


OK…I am sure you are wondering by now what the heck this has to do with “chewing your juice”. One of my seminar attendees from yesterday made an interesting comment. With the current trend, maybe even fad, of ‘juicing’….is it possible that in our quest for easily accessible nutrients that we are by-passing a valuable method of heart-healthy and possibly life-saving routes of nitric oxide? Doesn’t it seem likely that by changing the form of the ingested nutrient source, in this example by pulverizing the food into minute particles and quickly swallowing…that this nitrate reducing process is being seriously interfered with?
I think so! I will continue to do my research on this. In the meantime….CHEW YOUR JUICE!!! These friendly bacteria need time to meet with the nitrate molecules and “do their stuff”!

Dr. Chinn is a 1986 Life graduate (Marietta), has been practicing in the Seattle area for 26 years. His book, Symphony of Wellness, includes the latest research and understanding of the healing power of the nitric oxide, particularly as supported by nitrate and nitrite supplementation. His first book, Soaring Beyond Fear, explores the sometimes humorous antics of our fear-based personality and identity.


This article appears in ISSUE 28 of Healthy Juicing Magazine 

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