Matcha Ice Cream


  • Matcha
  • Cashews
  • Coconut milk
  • Salt
  • Vanilla

Learn how to make dairy free green tea ice cream at home with good for you ingredients! This vegan ice cream recipe is super easy to make and takes almost no time at all. The combination of vibrant matcha green tea and rich coconut milk is a match made in ice cream heaven.

Did you know adding super foods to your desserts will turn them into guilt-free delights? Not all matcha is created equal. There are different grades of matcha, and within those grades there are many levels of quality. Make sure you buy a high quality matcha like My Matcha Life to get the full flavour & benefits, cheap matcha will give you a bitter ice cream- and no one wants to eat that.

Matcha Health benefits:

  • Improve Mental Focus & clarity
  • Improve Cognitive Performance
  • Reduce Feelings of Anxiety and Depression
  • Reducing Abdominal Fat
  • Increasing Endurance
  • Lowering Cholesterol



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